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At the age of six John began performing in public. He has traveled the East Coast performing both individually and with groups such as the Swingin' Medallions. John was bass soloist with his high school choir and toured ten countries in Europe with the choir. He also was a bass soloist in Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Mendelsohn's St. Paul Oratorio.

John appeared on numerous television programs in Georgia and South Carolina and appeared on national television after winning a statewide contest with his high school folk group. He has a B. A. degree from Lander College and has nineteen years experience teaching music in the elementary schools both as a classroom teacher and as an artist-in-residence in schools under the auspices of the South Carolina Arts Commission.
Musician John English plays gutar and synthesizers and sings on 15 simply beautiful lullabies on [Night Bear Lullabies] album. Many are traditional American songs, such as "Two Little Birds," "Twinkle Twinkle," and "Hush-a-bye," but others come from around the world such as "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" from Germany, "Basque Lullaby" (Spain), "Sleep and Rest' (France), and the title track, a Native American Ojibway song, among others. Whether he is offering a new version of an old favorite, or introducing a lesser-known song, English's deep, somnolent voice was simply made for lullabies. The album is well-constructed, with the livelier tunes at the beginning, and the music gradually becoming more restive untill closes with the deep night sounds of "Night Bear," giving the impression of darkening night skies. A pitch-perfect lullaby album.
School Library Journal
February, 2003
1, 2, 3 Sing along with Me has now replaced all of the other audio tapes. It’s a must in our car! On our 7and a half hour family trip I had to plead for quiet time after hearing 1, 2, 3 for the fourth consecutive time.
Anne Lee, Mother of 4 year old Ansley
Stewart Gordon, Professor of Music, University of Southern California
Those who know the work of John English have long acknowledged his artistry as a singer with special gifts in the area of children’s music... It is a well-known axiom in musical performance that achieving direct, simple unadorned beauty represents artistic expression at its highest level. That John English succeeds so brilliantly in this regard in every track on this CD is a remarkable tour de force. His rich voice is focused in a way that that suggests a universal father figure, singing directly to his kids. The result is one that inspires in the listener feelings of security and caring love... Anyone who sets for himself the task of soothing a troubled world with lullabies certainly takes on a formidable challenge. That John English succeeds so completely in this CD is not only a testimony to his remarkable artistry, but also provides a cherished legacy for his listeners.
If you need an instant mother's helper, English's work over the last 6 years is just the thing to break some cycles that might be spiraling out of control. Good stuff throughout.
Chris Spector, Midwest recor Recap
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