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This multi-talented artist is ready to provide your group with an exceptional musical experience. Each performance is jam-packed with cultural opportunities. Mr. English demonstrates several different instruments including guitar, banjo, dulcimer and even tuned bottles.
     Mr. English presents his renditions of traditional music as well as original composition in a highly unique manner. The contents of each musical performance are geared toward high interest and participation, using age-appropriate material.
     Performances can be set up for any size of group. Let Mr. English provide a musical experience for your students that will be remembered throughout the year.
School residencies with John English are designed to teach children the many aspects of music and basic skills simultaneously. This residency program provides activities with sound education theories, based on teaching of standards and curriculum needs of reading readiness, vocabulary development, sequence, repetition, motor skills, the enviroment and more. The entire school, parents and the community can share in the program through a performance by Mr. English and the children at the end of the week.
     Whether using filled bottles to teach pitch or a beautiful classical recording to help children focus on the beauty of a river running to the ocean, ideas and concepts are always in the forefront of each activity.
     A residency with Mr.English will motivate students, and make teaching the basics fun for teachers. Contact Mr. English to design a program that fits the needs, content and learning styles of your classroom.
"When the concert was over our only regret was that we hadn't planned for a longer concert"
~ By kindergarden teaching team, Mary Hogen School Middelbury, VT.
"My child came home each day talking about what he had done with Mr. English. He playd instruments, learned some neat new songs, and his class gave a wonderful consert for the school on Friday."
~ Mother of second grade student.
Watch these elementary school children participate in my show!